Oh Me! Oh My! End of September already?

Hello all my dear readers,

Can’t believe September is almost over! Which only means… I’m a little closer to being done with my treatments! Out of the 20 round of radiation which started early September, I have 6 more rounds to go. I should be done mid-next week!

Radiation has proven not to be as “painful” as Chemo. I’ve noticed that I’ve become progressively tired, the skin a little dry, always thirsty and in need of afternoon naps over the last 2 weeks. I’ve also started swimming in the pool downstairs in our condo….that has been relaxing and very good for moderate amounts of activity & exercise. Walking to & from the hospital for and after treatment, enjoying a walk to the grocery store and meeting up with friends has also been very worthwhile in promoting an uplifting spirit & better health overall 🙂

I’m a little nervous as to what will occur after radiation. I’m guessing I’ll probably have another round of tests to track how my progress has been. It’s natural, I guess, to wonder if the treatments have done their job well…but I’m always reminded in all situations that if God has taken care of me in the past 26 years & ESPECIALLY in the last 6 months, he is MORE THAN ABLE to care for me in whatever lies ahead.

As October is just around the corner.. that means Thanksgiving is coming up! This holiday is definitely one of my favourites. I can just envision, the turkey, the gravy, the pumpkin pies, the family time. My favourite part is seeing the leaves changing colours in the falltime! I remember when I was younger, our family would go for a long weekend trip to Algonquin Park. I loved seeing & hiking through the rolling hills & the beautiful trees while listening to the Pocahontas soundtrack! I remember knowing ALL the words & instrumentation for the movie… sorta nerdy, I know. Who didn’t know all the lyrics to the Disney movie songs from the 90’s?

  It’s never too early or late to be thankful for something. What are you thankful for?

This week, I’m thankful for…

  • my grandpa who is out of rehab and is doing well in his recovery. He’s using his walker, but he’s able to get around the house at a slower pace.
  • that I have energy through the day  and that I’m enjoying my time living downtown!
  • God’s protection around my family. Ike’s mom walked away from a very serious car accident last week while in the car with her friend. The car was pretty much totalled, but Thank the Lord, they were okay 🙂
  • Joe (Ike’s brother)- who got into Chiropractic school and is heading down to Portland to settle in and to start school. Congrats!

Here’s a treat… from Pocahontas… always makes me think of autumn!

and I love the opening song & chants with the drums… beautiful! Alan Menken was a genius!




3 responses to “Oh Me! Oh My! End of September already?

  1. i miss singing disney songs with you!! haha
    man, time goes by fast eh? sending you lots of love as you finish your treatments! talk soon!

  2. Almost there, Funce!!! =D Don’t lose hope… my thoughts and prayers are with you. Miss you! ❤

  3. woohoo! almost there, mrs.trooper of the year!! praying for you! ❤ p.s. mike and i were TOTALLY singing colours of the wind yesterday! weird! haha

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