wedding day…. TOMORROW!

Dear Friends & Family,

This week flew by…and tomorrow’s the wedding! Praise God for energy this week (It was probably adrenaline…haha) to get some stuff done.

The rehearsal was a preview of what tomorrow’s gonna be like 🙂 I was so happy to see all our friends & family from out of town come together to celebrate with us. That was followed by an AMAZING Rehearsal dinner…. a backyard BBQ 🙂 We are so blessed to have great family & great family friends, who prepared, cooked and barbequed away for the whole day so that we could have a yummy dinner. To top it off, we were so touched by our wedding party, who secretly planned a mini-honeymoon for us in Niagara!!!! THANK YOU (x a million) 🙂

Can’t wait for tomorrow!




One response to “wedding day…. TOMORROW!

  1. Congrats again, Sweetie! I saw the wedding photos- you looked absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Hope you guys had an awesome mini-honeymoon in Niagara. XOXO from HK.

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