Excited! Part 1

Excited? Yes I am! Why?

Excited!! Because…we’re heading to Pittsburgh for a couple of days since it’s the Canada Day Long Weekend! According to Ike, there’s a jam-packed itinerary planned…maybe try a restaurant from Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, see Falling Waters, do a little shopping, and if possible, see a Baseball Game (Pirates vs Phillies).

Excited!! Because…since I first started dating Ike, he has gotten me more aware of sports… especially baseball! Granted, I grew up in Toronto where the Blue Jays had there triumph days during my childhood, but my parents exposed me to the Performing Arts rather than sports as a kid… so I missed out! Now, I get to relive this “lost” part of my childhood.  It’s a goal of both Ike and myself, to visit all the stadiums for a good ‘ole game of baseball in the US 🙂

Excited!! Because…I have 2 more rounds of chemo left!!!!!! Thanks for all your awesome love & support! Both Ike & I have such wonderful friends. An example? Today, a bunch of our youth group teens (aww…. you guys are growing up right before our eyes!) came over to my place and we spent time playing board games. It’s amazing how much I’m learning about letting others help & care for me. Growing up, I’ve always been a person who is afraid to bother others. I’m a type that would rather emotionally or physically  “stick it out” to the end or say “I’m OK” rather than show any sign of weakness.

Oh… the floodgates have opened 🙂 I’m not afraid to scream instead of holding my pain in. I’m not afraid to shed some tears instead of keeping it inside. I am still learning  how to live “loudly” and to take some risks instead of being “safe” all the time. This leads me to my next Excited item…

Initially, this next part of my entry did not elicit an “Excited” feeling. Let me explain. I have a secret indulgence that’s kind of nerdy. I really enjoy reading the newspaper! I literally read through every section of the Toronto Star almost every day. And for me, I enjoy the actual process of holding and flipping the paper as opposed to reading it online.

Yesterday on June 29th, a very touching story caught my eye. It was in the front of the paper and I couldn’t miss it, because it had an accompanying picture. The picture was of a beautiful bald girl with her husband beside her. I knew right away that this was an article about a cancer patient, so I was intrigued to read on. I will finish this story and how it touched & affected both me and Ike in a later entry…

Have a wonderful Canada Day & Fourth of July everyone 🙂




One response to “Excited! Part 1

  1. Hey Couzzz!! I’m so happy for you that you can spend the long weekend on a road trip and watch baseball with Ike! My personal favourite is Fenway Park in Boston, but I’d like to visit AT&T park in San Fran some day. Maybe we could all go on a road trip together in the future!
    p.s. I saw your missed call when I woke up before noon today..haha. Sorry, I guess you were wondering if I’d wanna play board games??

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