WooHooo :)

Dear Friends & Family,

The week leading up to this weekend has been very eventful. I have many things to be thankful & happy for 🙂 Many of these good things are a result of your love & prayers…God hears them!

 So first, An update about my grandpa. He had a hip surgery the day after my last post. Thanks to your prayers for him and for good doctors & nurses, the surgery was very successful! He is currently still in the hospital recovering, and will need to move to a rehabilitation centre in order for him to recover and to gain more mobility with some physio. Please continue to pray that he recovers well, that God will provide an appropriate place for my grandpa in this period of time and for my grandma who has to cope with him being away.

Ike & Iwent to Wonderland last weekend for his yearly work sponsered day at the amusement park. It was POURING rain pretty much the whole day, but it was refreshing for what it was worth & it was nice to be out of the house. We went on a total of one ride…and it was a simple wooden rollercoaster, the Minebuster. It was a good test for my wig, because by the end of the ride, it was still on my head! Coming of the rollercoaster, we both realized we were getting old. In the past, this rollercoaster was child’s play. That day though, it took the wind out of me! As for Ike, he felt dizzy coming off the ride….. signs of aging? Yah, I think so! haha We decided to skip out on Behemoth…for fear my wig would fly off!

This week was also full of wedding related things. We had a tasting on Tuesday & another tasting on Wednesday. The tasting for our banquet food was a lot of fun & very tasty! We had a little bit of everything and really enjoyed the experience. The catering manager & sous chef were very accomodating & friendly. My favourite part of the tasting was definitely the cod and the dessert 🙂 Hope those of you coming to the wedding will enjoy the food too!

On Friday, I went in to see my hematologist for the results of the bloodwork from that morning along with the CT Scan and Mugascan from the prior week. So…. some good news….

Praise God for listening to Prayers! The tumour has shrunk substantially since the last scan. This means that the chemotherapy regiment is working, and that I don’t have to start another type of chemo from scratch. My hemotologist also said that my tumour has shrunk by at least 50% ! Hearing the news, my spirits were definitely lifted, my hope renewed, and my mind ready to trust in God & ready for battling this cancer until I win. I’m nervous for the “vein-finding” process tomorrow, but I have more confidence when I get my treatment tomorrow…knowing that it’s working and that God is Definitely with me.

With today being Father’s Day, it was an opportunity to spend time with family to celebrate and reflect on how the “men in my life” have made a significant impact. Ike & I were able to visit & spend some time with my grandpa at the hospital after lunch. We went to the cemetary to remember my grandpa Sam & to leave some nice flowers on his plot. And in the evening, we celebrated with all the “dads” in the family (and to celebrate my cousin Caleb’s birthday:) in the way Chinese people know best… through food, and I mean LOTS of food. We ended off the night with a family prayer time (which we have started once a month with my parents, grandparents, ike, aunts & uncles and cousins) once a month before my chemo. It was during this time in prayer & in lieu of Father’s Day that I was reminded of the Father that knows me Best…My God Up There 🙂




4 responses to “WooHooo :)

  1. PTL!!! about the shrinkage in tumor!! 🙂
    continually praying for you funcee!!

    and SO looking forward to seeing you, celebrating with you, and eating yummie food hahaha 🙂

  2. WHOOHOO INDEEDILY DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keeping you and your family in my prayers dear! see you really soon!! YAY FOR PTL NEWS ALL THE TIME!! 🙂

  3. yay yay yay for all the good news! =) praise God!!!!

  4. Praise God Vinci. God is soooooo REAL! 🙂
    here’s to seeing you 3 times in 2 weeks. IT’S A NEW RECORD! and ike too. but meh. (btw, i love him? HAHA)

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